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Japanese Temari balls created over the years by a 92 year old grandmother... stunningly beautiful!

手まり 菊

A Huge Collection of Embroidered Temari Spheres by an 88-Year-Old Grandmother Talk about patience... see a sample of nearly 500 amazing hand-stitched Temari spheres created by a dedicated 88-year-old grandmother who picked up the craft in her 60s! More on Colossal: www.thisiscolossa...

讃岐の手まり 花かご φ7cm


花籠 Temari, the Japanese symbol of perfection, seems to have originated in approximately 600 A.D. in China. After its arrival in Japan sometime around the 7th century, the game became wildly popular in imperial courts. it remained a popular pastime from the mid-600s to the 1300s.