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Hobbies that Improve Intelligence. I think one of the most valuable things my parents taught me by example, is that you need to have hobbies. So often we do things for others to make them happy or make their lives easier, and that is a wonderful thing. But, you need to do the same for yourself by finding something you really love (your hobby) and making time to not only do that but enjoy it! No guilt allowed for taking time for yourself. It will enrich your life...I promise! Read More...

Top 10 Essential Oils for Beginners...ESSENTIAL OILS CAN SEEM DAUNTING... There are so many of them, so many ways to apply them, and so many uses. When you first start out using essential oils it feels like you're going into it blind. However, with a little education and a lot of guidance the amazing benefits of essential oils start to show themselves.

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The RedHeaded Hippie Lifestyle Blog | Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADHD

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Making Perfect Scents. Life can be tiring some times...stress, obligations and to-do's. There is help out there. Natural, non-addicting products that make you fell whole again.

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Unit 3 Code X Zebra Bundle Option 2; Everything you need to teach "Zebra"

Zebra Bundle Option 2 This Omega English Bundle Package contains everything you need to teach the short story Zebra by Chaim Potok. It is intended to be used with the 8th Grade Code X curriculum (pages 134-167). Below are details of the bundle. Each of the following packages are included in the bundle: A)Zebra First and Second Read PackageIncludes 2 detailed Common Core aligned lesson on Zebra.