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My Hero My Star My Love Bracelet- Personalized Cuff Bracelet, Gift for Mom, Mother's Day, Three Bracelet, Custom Bracelet

Personalized Leather Bracelets - Leather Engraved Name Bracelets - Leather Name Bracelets

Handmade leather bracelet with Tiger's eye and orange marble gemstone beads


Silver Coordinate Cuff, Latitude Longitude Bracelet, Coordinate Bracelet, Coordinate Cuff, Personalized Gift Idea, Personalized Jewelry

カフを座標,緯度経度,カフス,Silver Coordinate,Bracelet Coordinate,Cuff Latitude,Longitude Bracelet,Cuff Personalized,Gift Idea


Silver Lotus Blossom Bangle Bracelet, Lotus Bracelet, Yoga Jewelry, Charm Bracelets, Meditation Bracelet, 7 Chakra Bracelet, Wish Bracelet

ウィッシュブレスレット,ヨガの宝石,腕輪,Jewelry Bangle Bracelets,Jewelry Charm,Bracelet Lotus,Chakra Bracelet,Bracelet Yoga,Bracelets Meditation


Trendy Upcycled Leather Belt Cuff Bracelet with Beautiful Turquoise

Upcycledレザー,ブレスレット,革ベルト,Trendy Upcycled,Belt Cuff,Cuff Bracelet,Leather Cuff,Trendy Leather,Bracelet Beautiful

Afro Puff Silhouette Cuff Bracelet

Orange striped malachite leather bracelet


Custom photo necklace , personalized necklace ,photo necklace, mom gift ,mom photo gift , mother's day gift

Custom photo necklace , personalized necklace ,photo necklace


Fleur de Lis Bracelet, French Bracelet, Paris Jewelry Paris Bracelet, Flower Jewlery, Lily Flower Jewelry, New Orleans, Fleur de Lis Jewelry

フルール・ド・リスジュエリー,Jewelry Bangle Bracelets,Lis Bangle,Bracelet Paris,Lis Bracelet,Bracelet Flower,Jewlery Lily,Flower Jewlery,Jewelry Paris