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Beautiful Japanese bath: shower off before you soak --- 『お風呂リフォーム(パナソニック製)』1 pc shower unit.

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Japanese bathroom. I loved the bathroom of my apartment in Japan- separate room for the toilet, & the HUGE shower/tub deal. It was a pain to clean but sooo spacious.

Japanese bathroom. Please note, shower is outSIDE the bath. Also, please note the toilet is NOT in the vicinity. I do not think peoples' toilets should be anywhere near the bath. Just like you shouldn't have a toilet in the kitchen. A toilet and sink should be in their own room. And you should shower and clean yourself outside of a bathtub, so nothing dirty (hair, grime) drains into the place where you're going to sit, soak and relax. TOTO

Modern Japanese bathroom.

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Japanese bathroom


Japanese bath

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