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Nieuport 28 C1 Unit: 94th Aero Squadron "Hat-in-Ring", American Expeditionary Corps (AEF) Serial: 6 (N6189) Pilot - Captain Kenneth Marr. Ma...

Pfalz D.III Unit: Jasta 10 Serial: unknown Pilot - Lt.Hans Klein (22 victories). Winter 1917-191

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自動操縦装置(The autopilot system)。アメリカに拠点を置いてたSperry Corp.が1913年に開発した機体の自動操縦に対応する装置の一つ。その後の第一次世界大戦ではケタリング・バグなる無人兵器に搭載する。

Albert Kahn, WWI - French biplane. Looks like a Breguet, or possibly a variation of the Voisin V?

Belgian "Death's Head" Nacelle Farman 40. The Farman F.40 was a French pusher biplane reconnaissance aircraft. Death/skull nose art.

GERMAN AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67268) Albatros W1 two-seat seaplane. Serial number 552 Photograph taken at Danzig (Gdańsk).

While flying over Italy, this B-17 had most of her tail shot away. Still, the pilot managed to get her home. When she was hit, the tail-gunner was blown out into her slipstream. Miraculously, he was uninjured and managed to get his chute open and land safely. Once on the ground, the greatest threat was not German or Italian soldiers, who usually took them prisoner, but scared or angry peasants who had been told that Brits and Yanks were savage murderous rapists who should be killed on…

One of the most recognizable traits of the P-47 Thunderbolt is the big fighter’s quartet of staggered .50-caliber machine guns bristling from each wing. FHC staffers recently located and installed the barrels and stainless steel cooling jackets in the collection’s Republic P-47D, thus continuing to make the collection a little more complete one part at a time.

British World War I propaganda poster

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