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Dambusters Lancaster AJ-N: A specially adapted Lancaster bomber - Type 464 (Provisioning), a B III Special - carrying an Upkeep depth charge for use against German dams. This was the Barnes Wallis-designed weapon that the RAF’s 617 “Dambusters” Squadron used against the Ruhr dams during World War II. This new picture is copyright © by Gary Eason / Flight Artworks and can be licensed for reproduction or bought as a print via

Avro Lancaster. i love WW2 planes

Nakajima Ki84 Hayate N3385G ONT 18.10.70 edited-3 - 四式戦闘機 - Wikipedia 中島 キ84 四式戦闘機「疾風」


Nakajima Ki-84 Type 4 Fighter Hayate 'Frank' by Shigeo Koike

Dorand G.20 (G.II). - development started in 1938 and continued until 1947 when the prototype was built but never flown due to the lack of interest from French military


Together: The Lancaster Thumper, which is part of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Fligh...

WW2 Junkers Ju87G-2 "the Stuka" - a 2-man German, steep-dive bomber known for pinpoint precision with an identifiable scream when diving. A fearsome icon of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns, the G-2 had a pair of 37mm Flak guns in pods under its wings. It was deadly as a tank destroyer, but when unescorted the Stuka was vulnerable to attack from Spitfires Hurricanes. As a result, it was most used on the Russian front.

Avro Lancasters of No. 514 Squadron RAF, lined up at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, before taking part in a daylight attack on fortified villages east of Caen, in support of the Second Army's armoured offensive in the Normandy battle area (Operation GOODWOOD)..