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Esther Williams

If you are significantly overweight don't worry about working your lower body. You are already working out your lower body, because you are lifting your own body weight with every step you naturally take. To limit stress to your ankles and knees, work your upper body! You don't need weights to start, do Wall Push-Off's rather than Push-Up's.

Esther Williams, in ''Bathing Beauty'' 1944

Esther Williams, 1950.

Have low impact equipment at home, for bad weather days, or those days when you don't feel like leaving the house to work out. To avoid burnout, injury and stress to joints, opt for an Elliptical Trainer. Set it up in front of a window or TV, and go for it. No traffic, no dangers, no hassles. Elliptical Trainers are easy on your body, effective, and available for under $100.00.

Just look at the Fat CRUSHING the internal organs, and the HEART and LIVER are TWICE the NORMAL SIZE!

Ditch the fattening Coffee Drinks, make Sugar free popsicle's. Try it Black / Espresso style, or add coffee or ice cream type flavorings. This also works for Green Tea.

Imagine our Metabolism is an Engineer stoking a Furnace, first in as fuel is the Sugar, then the Starch, then the Fats. Stored Body Fat goes in -- dead last. This is why a High Protein, Complex Carbohydrate, Low Fat Diet works best, for steady -- yet rapid weight loss. Adkins, Paleo, Hunter Gatherer Diet.

Bathing Beauty (1944)