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A young girl meeting a penguin for the first time.



これは現実世界か?と言葉を失うほどに…。2ヶ月限定「瑠璃光院」の紅葉が神秘の美しさ | by.S


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Post-war photo of Nagasaki, Japan by Tadahiko Hayashi. This cigarette & souvenir shop standing at the bottom of the hill coming down from Ōura Tenshudō still runs as of today, it seems. *Ōura Tenshudō, or the Ōura Church is a Roman Catholic church built in 1864 promoted by two French missionaries who landed in Nagasaki for the purpose, which is said to be the oldest Catholic church in Japan…

写真家が捉えた昭和のこども | 過去の展覧会 | 八王子市夢美術館: Children drawing on the Taito road, Tokyo, 1961 by Takeyoshi Tanuma



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Photo of Yoshiwara courtesan Komurasaki, Taisho period. Japan. 稲本楼 小紫

1958年(昭和33年)の日本といえば高度経済成長の真っただ中。海外の文化も次々と受け入れられ、それまでの文化と融合し日本ならではの文化が生まれてきました。流行ファッションとしてはニュー・ルックやサックドレス、オードリー・ヘップバーンを意識… もっと見る

error888: 有楽町日劇(現マリオン 昭和39年、1964年くらい)。

"When does desire awaken? Who awakens it? Why? What makes one person unique and worthy of my desire's aliveness? Aren't all worthy? If so, who stirs this thing in me for one and not the other? When do the mannerisms of movement and the pedestrian gestures of being cease to be ordinary? When do her movements, her walk, her steps, her arms, her eyes, her lips, her smile, her voice, her hips, all begin to assume an individual glory in my observatory?" ~ ♤Dammy O' (Tokyo 1958 Photo: Marc Riboud)

tofuist: 豆腐売り(上京区 昭和34年)Tofu vendor 1959 Kyoto