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As part of Electrolux Design Lab's competition, designer Adrian Perez Zapata developed "Mab," a system of flying robots that can clean your house. #designlab2013

差し込んで冷やす 次世代の冷蔵庫「Impress」: DesignWorks Archive

差し込んで冷やす 次世代の冷蔵庫「Impress」

『Deus Ex』がモチーフのロボット義手、来年にも製品化。英Open BionicsにEIDOSが協力

『Deus Ex』がモチーフのロボット義手、来年にも製品化。英Open BionicsにEIDOSが協力 - Engadget Japanese

Bio Robot Refridgerator with a nonsticking gel that surrounds the things you want to cool.

Tokujin Yoshioka

This Robot Thinks It's a Tiny Little Worm

Artificial intelligence researchers have started looking to some of the simplest creatures for inspiration. Cyborgs who think like humans are still just a sci-fi dream, but scientists have had success recreating a less complicated brain. They've already created LEGO robot with the artificial mind of a worm.

Message in a Bottle / Beam

WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 4

WeTheUrban Magazine


iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot and iRobot Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot

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