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Top 10 Strange Objects Sent into Space - Photo Essays

The Sounds of Earth: Golden Records Since 1977, when NASA probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched into space (where they still remain), any potential life forms with hearing abilities have had access to the sounds of earth. What are they? The sounds include music from different cultures and eras, as well as natural and man-made sounds (i.e., a kiss between a mother and child, the sounds of the wind, rain and surf), all on 12-in., gold-plated copper discs. The contents, selected by a…

The Voyager Golden Records are phonograph records which were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft, which were launched in 1977. They contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them. #NASA #Voyager #Golden_Record

Raccoonnook: Cool exploded diagram

The Golden Record on the Voyager probe contains important information about humanity. Including sounds, images and instructions how to play the record. Credt: NASA

Walnut rockets, people. #AWESOME

The Mineral Moon (NASA/JPL) - this mosaic of 53 images was recorded by the Jupiter-bound Galileo spacecraft as it passed near our own large natural satellite in 1992. The pictures were recorded through three spectral filters and combined in an exaggerated false-color scheme to explore the composition of the lunar surface as changes in mineral content produce subtle color differences in reflected light.

Japanese Stress Balls by Makiko Yoshida: Made of pliable polyurethane resin and available in white or brown. Chose Ge, Ho, Ni, or Pu. 28.00EUR #Stress_Ball #Makiko_Yoshida

Bridgestone Bridgestone Corp developed a new tire technology that does not rely on air pressure like existing tires. The new technology will be shown at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011, which will open for the public from Dec 3 to 11, 2011, in Tokyo. Resin spokes formed on the lateral side of the tire support a load.