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When you got tired of walking the long distance in Enoshima after visiting the temples and shrines, the cave, the garden, aquarium, and etc, you might want to have a seat to have a cold beer or perhaps a cup of coffee on the way back to the train station. A great panoramic view of the ocean with romantic ambiance at the sunset, Shonan Burger offers a great place to chill out for the returners from the island.

Enoshima is one of the nearest, touristy places to visit from the heart of Tokyo which only takes about an hour from the Shinjuku Station by train. There are many websites and guide books that introduce this island with full of exciting attractions including the Enoshima aquarium, shrine, beaches, spas and even the caves, so we all know how exciting the place is just to walk around while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sagami Bay.

iL Chianti Cafe is the best place to have a cold beer to enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean around Enoshima while enjoying the delicious Italian cuisine. Have a seat at the terrace and order Heineken the extra cold with a pint to start with with some appetizers. You have come all the way from the station and took a long walk to reach this place. It is about time to sit back and relax.

Shinjuku Gyoen is considered to be one of the most important gardens from Meiji era that has a size of 144 acres of 3 distinctive styles (French, English and Japanese). It is so big that you may not be able to walk around to see everything in one day but considering it is only 200 yen for the admission fee, it may be one idea to come back next day.

Tobiccho is probably the most popular restaurant to have Shirasu Don (seafood with fresh whitebait) in Enoshima. The restaurant has a varieties of Donburi where you can also choose delicious seafood bowl with fresh sashimi on top. Though, when you come to Enoshima, it is best to have the fresh Shirasu which is what this place is famous for.

The quality of the sushi toppings in Judaime Maguro Donya is simply a top notch which is definitely worth to visit while you are in Enoshima. It may also be good to have some pieces in this restaurant before you head for the top of this island. All sushi you could have in this restaurant including the salmon, the shells, both raw and boiled shirasu, the flatfish, scallops, and tuna are way too good for the conveyor belt sushi restaurant. They are indeed exceptional.

If you are visiting Harajuku street by any chance, you might as well take few more steps to stroll around Meiji Jingu. You may find peace in your mind at a quiet shrine with cedar trees especially after walking around the busy crowded city of Harajuku. The architecture of Meiji Jingu is very elegant and beautiful.

Harajuku Street (Takeshita Dori) is one of the best places in Tokyo to find interesting fashion clothes and accessories at very affordable prices and a popular place to see dressed up youngsters in amazing costumes on weekends. You may also find many shops for Crepe (sweets) around this area while enjoying watching the most updated fashion trend among teenagers in Japan.

Step into the narrow streets of the red lanterns and neon signs, so called yokocho alleys, where you can find yourself back in the 70s of Japan. In such exotic and retro ambience of the Showa times, you may find many hidden Yakitori and ramen shops, the izakayas and bars where you can also find many locals chilling out drinking beers and Japanese sake.

Founded in more than 100 years ago in Meiji era, Enoshima Tei, who serves exceptional Shirasu Don and Enoshima Don to the customers, quietly stands on top of the hill of this island.