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This Sacred Cubit Ring Set represents the Holy Trinity, The Father, Son, Holy Spirit and can also be used for a Bracelet, it has a resonant frequency of 144 MHZ these Sacred Cubit Rings when worn around the wrist or arm's seems to draw out pain and negative energy caused from repetitive motion and every day work at home or in the office

affects of taking too many citirizine tablets

Seed of Life Formed from seven 177 MHz Tensor Rings, this tool helps create the "Seed" of activating specific energy codings within your very being. The Seed of Life comes out of the Flower of Life, the Sacred Geometric pattern found in both ancient and modern cultures around the world. Can be used as an amplifier with our other tools, to charge food or water, or to simply use in meditation or sleep to aid in Activations and Uploads. 7-1/2 inches in diameter.

Bright Green Irish Celtic Trinity Knot

Tensor Field Generator

Tensor Field Generator... It is a Protector, Provider, Amplifier. 3.5" Woven Sphere. $49.00, via Etsy.

배경 풍경사진

Tensor Ring and Magnet creating a Meissner Effect

Small Yellow Celtic Trinity Knot

Download video: Part 1. MAGNETISM: The missing secret which gives volume and definition to 100% of the Cosmos MAGNETISM, PART 1

The Lost Cubit Energy Ring Resonates at 177 MHZ In some as of yet unknown manner, contribute to the ability of the DNA to be changed at will. As our friends and community started appreciating the energetic properties of these rings, we wanted to spread the love with the rest of the world. Hand made out of copper wire. Resonates at frequency MHZ