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Buddha and cats

Buddha and cat

Buddha statue and Cats

The great Zen master of the 13th century, Dogen Zenji, taught that the goal of Zen practice is to realize our Buddha Nature. But then he pointed out that “mountains, rivers and the grasses” were themselves the Buddha Nature.❤️☀️

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cat cozied into a shrine For the novel TAPIOCA FIRE at

Priest with a cat at Japanese temple in Fukui pref. - 福井県越前市にある、御誕生寺(ごたんじょうじ)。『猫寺』とも呼ばれているお寺には、お坊さんとたくさんの猫がともに暮らしています

“ La ignorancia no tiene principio, la iluminación no tiene final, y componen un circulo...ॐ ” Buda