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☀Coyote (by wild prairie man)These will rip a fox to pieces and a Wolf dare not travel without a band against the coyote either. Cute they are not after living amongst many wild animals these are my least favorite. Skunks carry rabies too easily and tear up chicken pens. So here on the prairies I don't want to smell predator or hear the yip of the other.

☀Coyote by wild prairie man

konishiroku: ハムスター速報 - 真夜中の動物園~可愛い動物たちの画像3

feeding time early in the morning

Pink Heart Love Birds

this is Charlie, a wild born, but captive raised boy who has a book all about him! 'The daily Coyote'. A must read for animal lovers

Ground hornbills (Bucorvidae)...'you takkin' to me?'