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#KleptoCats 這是我毛呼呼的新朋友。 #iOS

書籍やバーンズおよび貴族アマゾンで私新しい本ちょうどタイプ ' ラ ・ ケンドリックによる痛みのパラドックス」を購入してください。本当に援護、11 月 21 日、Austin でここでサインをして渡す、お友達に単語 !

Trials of Shabazz. 2 Check out my latest video it contains my new comic book and my soon to be released new novel The Paradox of Pain. I own no rights to the song it's just an incredible song.

Trials of Shabazz comic book, & The Benefits of A Bully signing.

"The Benefits of A Bully" Youth book reading Barnes & Noble

Recipes found in my novels,"The Benefits of A Bully"

Black Man Vs White Man Open Carry An AR-15 In Oregon... Must See The Res...

The Paradox of Pain by L.A. Kendrick,

Grambling college band Independence Bowl.