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"Whack-a-Loki" (by rots21)

the place of feeling at ease by ~tatsuri

I dunno...kitty!kid!Loki is a kinda cute idea...and Thor probably has to be twice as protective over him because just look at him!!

Thor 2: Adventures in dating. by =caycowa on deviantART Wow Thor...Just... Wow... Poor Jane... You really do owe her a good date. And I'm sure Loki loves being the third wheel...

The overwhelming cuteness of Avengers-Caramelldansen.

This makes me laugh so terribly much! I don't know why I find this so hilarious! Loki is such a diva! Lol

Lullaby by tatsuri


Chibi's are the essence of cuteness and Kaito tops the cake!



More Cats! --> Kawaii Cats. This pin is for our beloved board creator! :)

I am Loki of Asgard! ...Tom Hiddleston’s Tweet by Noshitaroh