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Viking Sunstone found in ship wreckage! Calcite crystals like Icelandic Spar create a double image, splitting light into two rays. If the crystal is held east-west, the double image becomes a single image and thus allows a sailor to locate the sun. The crystal's refractive qualities continue to be useful even in low light, on a cloudy day, or for a while after the sun has set.

viking sunstone - Google Search Used to locate the sun even at times when it was covered or unseen.

Blue Fluorite with Phantom Purple (by cobalt123)

What Vikings Knew About The Sky That You Don't

Vikings' crystal clear method of navigation - image 2 - life - 31 January 2011 - New Scientist

9th-10th cent Viking, Wound glass with mosaic glass inset

Map of Viking ship finds in Norway. There are said to be hundreds of unexcavated ship burials in Scandinavia. 36

Chalcedony var. Chrysoprase from Australia / Mineral Friends <3

Iolite. Known as the gemstone of the Vikings, Iolite was used by Norse and Viking explorers as a navigational aid, as a properly oriented stone would change color in relation to the direction of sunlight, allowing for crude navigation in the fog- enshrouded northern Atlantic waters where the direction of the sun was otherwise impossible to discern.

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Sexist bias in archaelology and history, this happens far too often.