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Viking Sunstone found in ship wreckage! Calcite crystals like Icelandic Spar create a double image, splitting light into two rays. If the crystal is held east-west, the double image becomes a single image and thus allows a sailor to locate the sun. The crystal's refractive qualities continue to be useful even in low light, on a cloudy day, or for a while after the sun has set.

Iolite. Known as the gemstone of the Vikings, Iolite was used by Norse and Viking explorers as a navigational aid, as a properly oriented stone would change color in relation to the direction of sunlight, allowing for crude navigation in the fog- enshrouded northern Atlantic waters where the direction of the sun was otherwise impossible to discern.

Pack Basket & Duluth Bedroll

Viking compass and sunstone.

Iceberg; this pink iceberg is the result of algae which is growing in the ice and has been effected by the UV rays which results in the algae producing this reddish pink color.


What Vikings Knew About The Sky That You Don't

Vikings' crystal clear method of navigation - image 2 - life - 31 January 2011 - New Scientist

Loki the unrepentant cross dresser and shape-changer is shown as both male and female, with Odin's horse Sleipnir, the child of his most famous female role. Around him are the treasures he procured for the gods, Sif's hair, Thor's hammer, Odin's spear and ring, Freyr's ship and boar. He wears the falcon cloak that he uses to travel between the worlds. The mistletoe was used by Loki to kill the god Balder. In the top corners, Loki's son Fenris Wolf chases the sun across the sky.

Sexist bias in archaelology and history, this happens far too often.

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Not just the stuff of legend: Famed Viking 'sunstone' did exist,

Not exactly divination but very interesting! Researchers now believe they have found one of the sunstones used by Viking explorers to explore when the sun and stars weren't visible. Iceland spar is the name of the crystal and after several tests it seems to be an incredibly accurate navigational aid!