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wednesday/windy: Foreign typography seems to have the capacity to be much more... expressive, at least in terms of single-characters.

wednesday/windy: 雲 | Clouds

最近の仕事のロゴマークを集めました2 | DESIGN EXPORT「日本のデザインを世界へ」:

自己, 자기, this word is translated as 'oneself'; if you want to use the philosophical term of 'the self' or 'the ego,' you can use the word, 自我, 자아.

人生図書館 Chinese>Italian = Vita 図 Biblioteca

Chinese and Asian graphic design Typography.


20代女性向けの新感覚マガジン「This!」のロゴタイプ。 スクリプト体(筆記体)のThis!の文字。 丸み

simplified chinese characters logo

IKEYAN 2015 in Roppongi

Chinese character for love - 爱 Chinese and Asian type design - graphic design with Asian typography