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SHARK!! Main reason not to get in or on the ocean - other than drowning, can't forget drowning.


Aw Hell Nope (40 Photos)

shark in a wave...awesome picture

plasmatics: Water Cathedral by Gabriel de Leon | (Website)


An Underwater Fashion Shoot Featuring a Whale Shark

An actual photograph showing a real model swimming with a real whale shark by photographers Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt. The photographs are meant to bring the plight of the whale shark — currently considered at risk of going extinct in the wild — to the public’s attention.

"Awe is the best drug in the world" - Jason Silva..... i would cry if this were to ever happen

.*:°:・゚..*:°:・゚✧..*:°:・゚*:°:・゚✧.*:°:・゚✧.*:°・゚✧ Bride Of Frankenstein .*:°:・゚.*:°:・゚✧.*:°..*:°:・゚✧*:°:・゚✧:・✧.*:°:・゚✧.*:°:・゚

King of the Ocean. This incredible photo was captured by Matt Draper near the Neptune Islands off South Australia. A Great White Shark moments before eating a Fur Seal. — with Matthew Johnston.

firefly squid @toyama-ken

narval (credits: bryan and cherry alexander wwf)