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German soldiers cutting an old jew beard. The victim suffers silently, humiliated. Ukraine 1941>So Sad

Erwin Rommel, Tobruk, 1941.

Polish civilians, including a Catholic priest, are held as hostages awaiting execution by Wehrmacht soldiers following Bloody Sunday (German: Bromberger Blutsonntag); a series of killings of members...

Rear view of the heavy Jagdtiger and its access hatch (with 80 mm of armor).

El " Goliat " . Era un vehículo de demolición de ingeniería alemana con mando a distancia. Empleado por la Wehrmacht durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial este vehículo oruga lleva 75 a 100 kilogramos ( 170-220 libras ) de explosivos de gran potencia y fue destinado a ser utilizado para múltiples fines, tales como la destrucción de tanques, lo que altera densas formaciones de infantería , y la demolición de edificios y puentes. foto 1944

January 1944: column of Panzer IV Ausf. H from Pz.-Regt. 35 (4. Pz.-Div.) on Eastern front.

Soviet Union (Earlier Brest-Litovsk)

Japanese soldiers surrender to the Soviets during the Liberation of Manchuria. The Japanese Kwantung Army did not hear about the cease fire and continued fighting after the formal surrender of Japan.

Panzer DB on

Two StuGe III Ausf. G abandoned on a road to Rome exterminated by men from 4th US Army, January 1944.