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Kendo Girl | Flickr - Photo Sharing! うぇぽん?


ピンもと:Honolulu Magazine


Japanese art of archery - kyudo. Photo by JOSS from Honolulu Magazine.


Provence, France

Fenêtre ouverte sur la douce Provence

Samurai code, way of warrior The Bushidō code's typified by 7-8 virtues: Rectitude (義 gi?) Courage (勇氣 yūki) Benevolence (仁 jin) Respect (禮 rei) Honesty (誠 makoto) Honour (名誉 meiyo) Loyalty (忠義 chūgi) Associated virtues Filial piety (孝 kō) Wisdom (智 chi) Care for the aged (悌 tei) last samurai stance for motherhood gladstone4?

Japanese girl in kimono

"Karate girl" at Japanese festival. I love how she looks both sweet and fierce. Yes to raising strong girls!!! for more information on KUMITE and MMA Boot Camp