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the witches of southern usa are hungry creatures: they horrify and indulge the monstrous. dark and desolate, these witches live in abandoned decaying mansions, whisper their secrets to the dead and eating the living.

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失恋は自分が成長出来る 良い機会だと思うこと。 自分磨きに...|MERY [メリー]

Capricorn Ascending The Guardians of Time Individuals born with Capricorn on the Ascendant symbolize the divine “unicorn of God” in their flourish of supernal wisdom, karmic responsibilities and the dissemination of obstacles in their ascension up the mountain. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is the zodiac’s harsh disciplinary; and the world through the Capricorn Ascendant’s eyes are coloured with laws, attachment, confinement and life’s deepest underlying karmi...

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Artemis: Goddess of the moon, childbirth, hunting, wilderness and wild animal and protector of young girls

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毎月ジェルネイルの爪元は、オーガニックネイルでいたわって♡|MERY [メリー]

ピンもと:MERY [メリー]


\ひんやり新食感/○○を冷凍してみたらこんなに美味しかった! I actually translated this and was surprised but what I found. " It was so delicious I tried to cool frozen new texture / ○○!"

Sirens II (Greek Mythology Series) i feel the stars. each sparkle sets aflame the pain in my heart (x)