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Little Girl: where do babies come from? Dad: Amazon

ツ Dads make bath time FUNNY ツ

@ZZKM_2 おじさんから貰ったお年玉開けたら英世が3人じゃなくて英世と漱石と博文っていうトリオでてきたぞおい

Fact: Babies Are 98% Funnier With Eyebrows

Some moms and dads with a weird sense of humor are putting their tiny humans to good use, by using their lack of eyebrows to fuel the latest Internet trend: #BabyEyebrows.


hahaha cute. Kid with 'tude. This is what;s going to happen when my goofy kids play with your classy ones:p

hahaha omg. this cat!

25 Reasons Why Babies Are Basically Just Tiny Drunk People

baby weapon