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One of a Pair of Gold and amethyst claw anklets of Princess Sit-hathor-yunet Egyptian, Dynasty 12, (ca 1897-1878 BCE) From Lahun, tomb 8

ca. 2.500 BCE. Some of the earliest silver objects unearthed in Egypt are this rare pair of silver bracelets. inlaid with semi-precious stones in the form of a dragonfly. From the tomb of Queen Hetpt-heres 14th Dynasty

terminating at strengthened shoulders supporting the oblong "pie-dish" bezel set with a cabochon sapphire. At the base of the hoop there is a fede, or pair of hands clasped in love and friendship. English, 13th century.

Belt leopard heads of Princess Sithathoryunet, 12th Dynasty, reign of Sesostris III or Amenemhet III, Egypt, el-Lahun, grave Sithathoryunet.Or, amethyst, diorite. L. 81 cm © New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gold archaeological style necklace, the wide strap chain edged with rosettes and small seed shaped pendants hung with chains with more rosettes terminating in amphorae and larger seed shaped pendants, fastening behind, the clasps decorated with filigree palmettes. Castellani, c.1872.

Gold bracelet belonging to Pharaoh Ramses II (1290-1224 BC); New Kingdom (19th dynasty). Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Bees: Art Nouveau gold and pearl enamel #bee brooch, circa 1900, France.

Cheetah-head spacer bead-Egyptian (Artist) Period 1976-1783 BC (Middle Kingdom)

Egyptian God we

Ausaur (Osisris) of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) Circa 664 - 332 B.C. Bronze with gold incrustations Corbis Archives