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Mushanokoji Saneatsu 武者小路実篤 (1885-1976), Persimmons with Poem.

Ceramic Tiles with Poems by the Thirty-six Immortal Poets Ogata Kenzan (Japanese, 1663–1743)

Japanese poem by Lady Sei shonagon (966~1027) from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) "The rooster's crowing / In the middle of the night / Deceived the hearers; / But at Osaka's gateway / The guards are never fooled" 夜をこめて 鳥のそらねは はかるとも よに逢坂の 関はゆるさじ (calligraphy by yopiko)

Grasshopper and Cicada (Kirigirisu and Semi), from Picture Book of Selected Insects with Crazy Poems (Ehon Mushi Erabi) Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, 1753–1806) Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: 1788 Culture: Japan Medium: Polychrome woodblock print (book page); ink and color on paper

Japanese poem by Fujiwara no Tadamichi from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century "Over the wide sea / as I sail and look around / it appears to me / that the white waves, far away / are the ever shining sky" わたの原 漕ぎ出でて見れば ひさかたの 雲居にまがふ 沖つ白波 (calligraphy by yopiko)

Calligraphy by Hon'ami Kōetsu | Two Poems from the "Ogura hyakunin isshu" | Japan | Momoyama period (1573–1615) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Japanese poem Haiku by MATSUO Basho (1644~1694) 旅に病んで夢は枯野をかけ廻る “Sick on my journey, / Only my dreams will wander / These desolate moors.”

Poem by Kamo no Chōmei with Underpainting of Cherry Blossoms. dated 1606. Artist: Calligraphy by Hon'ami Kōetsu (Japanese, 1558–1637) Underpainting attributed to Tawaraya Sōtatsu (Japanese, died ca. 1640)

一円相画賛 - 出光コレクション - 出光美術館

Tawaraya Sotatsu and Hon'ami Koetsu: Poem page mounted as a hanging scroll (1975.268.59) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art