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Kondo Koichiro 近藤浩一路 (1884-1962), Cormorant Fishing, detail.

Calligraphy of "Maple Bridge Night Mooring" by Zhang Zhi, Edo period (1615–1868), ca. 1770 by Ike Taiga (Japanese, 1723–1776) Two-panel folding screen: ink on paper-Translation of Zhang Zhi's poem -"The moon sets, crows sing, and frost fills the sky. Maple trees along the river and fires in fishing boats face me, sleepless with lament. The bell of Cold Mountain Temple (Hanshan-si), outside Suzhou, tolls; At midnight, the sound reaches this boat."

Calligraphy 風 "wind" by KAKINUMA Koji, Japan 柿沼康二

Girl powdering her neck (detail), 1785 - Utamaro Kitagawa

Wu Gaozhong(吴高钟 Chinese, b.1962)悬河Q-18 2012 work on paper via

ITO Jakuchu (1716-1800), Japan 伊藤若冲

by toko shinoda

Calligraphy 夢 "dream" by SUZUKI Mouri, Japan 鈴木猛利

Untitled from Taki (waterfall) series by TAWARA Yusaku (1932-2004), Japan: ink on paper

Karukaya, Japan's first illustrated book, circa 1400