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اجمل صورة مصممة بالفوتوشوب بعمل

A very cool photo manipulation.

This design is a little bit more of a stretch for me. There are a lot of successful elements, such as the vines. My eye easily flows through the piece, however, I am confused once I reach the snakes. Wish there was a clearer understanding, yet love the concept overall.

as you would like to, swing, clouds


By age five most children are using a sophisticated working model of mother which includes knowledge of her interests, moods and intentions. With a complementary model of themselves the child is already engaging in a complex intersubjective relationship with mother who has her own working models both of child and of herself. Because these models are in constant use, day in and day out, their influence on thought, feeling and behavior become routine and largely outside of awareness. Bowlby

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torafu, water, light, projection

Digital Art - A Beautiful Gigantic Collection

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