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Birth of Dionysus, with Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Hermes, Aphrodite, Pan & the Nysiades | Greek vase, Apulian red figure volute krater

Statue of the Egyptian god ANUBIS; showing the attributes of the Greek god HERMES, with whom he was identified, combining Greek and Egyptian mythology as HERMANUBIS). In the VATICAN Museums, VATICAN City

Apollo & Artemis slaying the children of Niobe | Greek vase, Athenian red figure calyx krater

Salome: Dance of the Seven Veils is also thought to have originated with the myth of the fertility goddess Ishtar (Astarte) of Assyrian and Babylonian religion.

Baku (獏 ou 貘)/ The baku is a protector against pestilence and evil, and among dreams he is said to prefer to devour nightmares, protecting humans from the evil inside them. It is said that if you sleep on a bed made of baku skin, you can keep illness away. Today, the word baku refers to the tapir as well as the magical beast.

Zeus, seated on a rock, gives birth to the god Dionysos from his thigh. Hermes stands by holding the royal sceptre of his father in one hand, and in his other, his own herald's wand. He is also shown with winged boots and petasos (traveller's cap).

La Sirène - Charles Landelle, 1879 - セイレーン - Wikipedia

Eros, winged god of love | Athenian red figure lekythos C5th B.C. | Cleveland Museum of Art