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Cool Concept Art by David Nakayama

Cool Concept Art by David Nakayama

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Inquisitor Intios Zarkov. My players inquisitor. Comatose in the first scenario by unknown source on the moonbase Nantakro on the moon Yemaya orbiting the gas giant Hindal. The moonbase was a station making liquid helium mined on Hindal into promethium. The base blew up and the players got blamed by Ailholt Krolm - intergalatic crimelord and owner of the moonbase.

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:Hereticus Inquisitor.

castellankurze: Women of the Imperium Imperial...

Aurelian by d1sarmon1a on DeviantArt

[Rogue Trader] Into the Maw: or How I Became Incredibly Wealthy - Page 12

warhammercomplete: Governor Malakai Vess by Corbella