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A little cat humor for today: 2 funny pics

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Together Everyone Accomplishes More with me ;-)

My new favorite kind of cat: munchkins!!! They're basically like dachshund cats, and totally adorable! The only problem is that they are still very rare, and now are in fairly high demand, which makes them very expensive.

2012年 反響の多かったもの

まとめのインテリア 反響の多かったもののご案内。これはです。 - 日本国内で買えるデザイン雑貨とインテリアのまとめサイト

Erm ... Milo and Alfie (my cats) are just the same!

Omg!!! ❤

One day things will get better until then here is a drawing of a cat. ある日物事はきっと良くなる。それまで猫の絵をながめよう。

"nothing to see here, move along"


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