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I think Ginny had an invisible trampoline or pogo stick for these photos. Either that or she's a transformer dog and she's just turning into a mini rocket - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

Ginny did not want to leave her snuggle cave this morning. If I hadn't of bribed her to get out of bed with a bacon treat she would still be there. - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

Ginny's look of horror, disgust and shock after I told her we're out of bacon treats again - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram




Ginny completely forgets what personal space is when I have a bacon treat in my hand. If I didn't have the camera in front of me she would have been using me as a climbing frame to get to the bacon treat faster. (@chessyhope) - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

After a walk in the rain Ginny's refusing to move now she's wrapped up in this towel getting warm and dry. She's trying to use her puppy dog stare to make me feel bad and give her treats... I gotta admit though it is working. Ginny knows how to use her cuteness against me. #WeeklyFluff - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

"Human I know that mini Ginny is adorable, I mean it's a mini version of me so it's bound to be the bees knees, but I have to watch mini Ginny at all times in case she tries to steal all my treats! If she's a mini version of me she's going to be an expert in treat tasting too!" -- Thank you to our wonderful friend @katpui99 for making this adorable mini Ginny. The big Ginny's been admiring her mini version all day now... and making sure she doesn't steal her treats. We love mini Ginny…