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I think Ginny had an invisible trampoline or pogo stick for these photos. Either that or she's a transformer dog and she's just turning into a mini rocket - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

I have no idea where Ginny is tonight! This dog with eyebrows and a moustache is here instead saying Ginny's gone out, and that I should give them all the bacon treats in the cupboard now. I swear I've seen this dog before though... - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

Ginny did not want to leave her snuggle cave this morning. If I hadn't of bribed her to get out of bed with a bacon treat she would still be there. - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram


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Ginny's look of horror, disgust and shock after I told her we're out of bacon treats again - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

何、これっ?トリックアート? なんだ、よく見るとダルメシアンの子犬たちじゃない。それにしても何匹いるの?じ~っと見てると目がチカチカしてくる!

There's a reason why Ginny looks so grumpy here... actually there's 2 reasons. First, Ginny was not at all happy that her BBFL (bacon buddy for life) Missi stole her stick, as you can see Missi is in the background having fun with it. Secondly, I just told Ginny she's going to be hosed down when we get home because she's covered in mud. Poor Ginny, this isn't a good start to her weekend. - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram

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After a walk in the rain Ginny's refusing to move now she's wrapped up in this towel getting warm and dry. She's trying to use her puppy dog stare to make me feel bad and give her treats... I gotta admit though it is working. Ginny knows how to use her cuteness against me. #WeeklyFluff - @ginny_jrt- #webstagram