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Venus of Malta

Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai

Archaeology and Landscape in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia (UNESCO World Heritage Site) - rock carvings and funerary monuments found in three sites illustrate the development of culture in Mongolia over 12,000 years. They reflect a procession from a habitat for hunters of large game, to herding, to a horse-dependent nomadic lifestyle. The carvings contribute valuably to our understanding of pre-historic communities in northern Asia.

土偶「縄文のビーナス」(国宝) -尖石縄文考古館- - 八ヶ岳西麓日記

La Vénus de Renancourt, Chalk, 11 cm., find in summer 2014 near Amiens, France, broken (20 pieces). First public presentation 27 november 2014

土偶「縄文のビーナス」(国宝) -尖石縄文考古館- - 八ヶ岳西麓日記


The Jomon Venus of the National Treasure from the Tanabatake site, Japan. 1500~2500 BCE.

縄文のビーナス [ Venus of Jomon ]


Malta venus