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ADVICE TO A 1912 BRIDE Years ago a Kentucky grandmother gave a bride the following recipe for washing clothes (misspelled words and all):1 Start a fire in back yard to heet kettle of rainwater. 2 Set tubs so smoke won’t blow in eyes if wind is pert.3 Shave one hole cake lie soap in boilin water. 4 Sort things, make three piles. 1 pile white, 1 pile cullord, 1 pile work britches and rags. cont...

In this 1966 file photo, the body of an American paratrooper killed in action in the jungle near the Cambodian border is raised up to an evacuation helicopter in War Zone C, Vietnam. (AP Photo/Henri Huet)

Geronimo - Chiricahua Apache - no date


Knob Creek, Lincoln's childhood home in Kentucky, 1811-1816

1860 Slaves on a S.C. Plantation. These look like they may be the Magnolia Plantation, just outside of Charleston. If yes, the cabins still stand are available for viewing. It's very moving.


恐慌 - 株と釣り

Probably the most famous picture to come from the Great Depression...a mother…

ピンもと:The Seasoned Mom

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders - The Seasoned Mom: turkey, bacon, Gruyere, and Parmesan -- all topped with a garlic butter sauce. The perfect Derby party food!