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Martin Luther (1483-1546) – cause of death: apoplectic stroke; aged 62

Julius Shönberg, Intellectual Category. Young musical genius Born in 1837 and died in 1842. At 9 months he was placed in front of a piano; at 2 he was already recognised for his musical talents. This is a death mask. That’s all we know..

One of the last photos taken of Abraham Lincoln

Napoleon Bonaparte death mask

Pompeii finds: cookware.

Death mask, Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Boston, 1927

Reconstruction of a Vasa victim that went down with the ship on 10 Aug 1628, based on his skeletal remains found in the Vasa. The remains of at least 16 skeletons were found during excavations of the ship. None of the bodies have been able to be identified but through the study of osteology, researchers have come to probable conclusions about their appearances, etc. Crewmen, if ever, received fresh food. The result was scurvy and other deficiency diseases, and low resistance to illnesses.

Alan B. Shepard, first American in space.

Death mask of Manon Gropius: she died from polio at the age of 18 and Berg dedicated his violin concerto to her memory.

A team of SAS soldiers in North Africa, 1943.