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Cowards hide behind their social media to try to call people out, calling them names and talking about how low-class their target victims are. They do not question there own negative actions and the hours they spending trying to insult the people they hate. If they really had a happy life they would not bother to spew “high school” cut downs or retaliations as they might see it and they would stop pinning hateful quotes as to not be "misquoted". Unknown - Quote From #RECITE ...

get my name out of your mouth please ;)

ピンもと:That's Another Story

Smoke and Mirrors

Private Person ~Inspiration/Psychology

"The best moments of my life don't make it to social media." What I post is honest, what interests me, and pieces of who I really am...semitransparent :-)

I've moved on and hopefully you all can do the same. Will things go back to how they were before? Um, no. Live your dreams and build your own lives. The future is exciting!

People hide things from you and talk about you behind your back and then get upset because you don't hang out with them anymore. Here's a tip for free - you have to be honest and trustworthy to have a good friendship. If you blow it, then apologize! If you don't want to apologize then you need to accept that the ruined friendship is all your fault.


I can hear my dad telling me, "Denise, if you need to say something, say it loud and to their face". Love that man something crazy!!