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I skipped ahead a bit. …The demon that comes when people call it’s name. TorielPapyrusUndyne Muffet Mettaton Asgore ( Ω ) FloweyDoggo

I don’t understand…Check out the rest of the cards (Spoilers Within)

#9: That’s quite a title.The whole world is ending…TorielPapyrusUndyne Muffet Mettaton Asgore ( Ω ) FloweyAsriel?????Doggo

Undertaleごみ,Undertaleは落ちました,Undertale写真,Undertale更新,驚くべきUndertale,Undertaleアルバム,Undertaleジャンク,の,Game Undertale

Undyne papyrus undertale

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Wierd. Some people just like putting out fake cards, I guess.Lets get to the point.Check out the rest of the cards (humungo spoilo)