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Bennett College (New York) - Bennett School for Girls: an Abandoned University in Millbrook, NY

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9 Creepy Abandoned Schools & Universities

Bennett College (New York) - Reception Hall - Country Life, 1907

Bennett College (New York) - In 2014, the Bennett College campus has been sold by Bennett Acquisitions to The Thorne Farm LLC and the Millbrook Tribute Garden foundation, "in order to prevent development that we feel would not be beneficial to our village'' to quote Oakleigh Thorne.

Bennett College (New York) - Halcyon Hall brochure; front cover

Bennett College (New York) - At the time, this was probably the most damaged area of the building.

Bennett College (New York) - An attempt to merge with nearby Briarcliff Manor failed, and Bennett College entered bankruptcy in 1977. The school was closed for good one year later, and many school artifacts including the entire library was moved to the Millbrook Free Library.

Bennett College (New York) - Halcyon Hall is to be demolished "in a safe manner,with the hopes of keeping the stonework intact and create a park-like atmosphere." according to foundation trustee George Whalen III.

Bennett College (New York) - Despite the grandeur, Halcyon Hall failed to catch the popularity it had hoped for. It closed in 1901, and stood vacant until another a buyer was found eight years later.

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