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Volvox (type of green algae) with daughter colonies

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Human egg with coronal cells

Phacus longicauda, a phototrophic, fresh water euglenid. Long cauda on the posterior end. Paramylon (disc in the middle) used for starch storage.

A diatom from a lake with chlorophyll in the center.

Ball Tipped Sea Anemone

Diatoms- Diatoms are a major group of algae, and are among the most common types of phytoplankton. Most diatoms are unicellular, although they can exist as colonies in the shape of filaments or ribbons, fans, zigzags, or stars.

The Ping Pong Tree Sponge, Chondrocladia Lampadiglobus, lives more than 1 1/2 miles beneath the surface of the ocean and is carnivorous.

Volvox, a type of green algae. I love to see a video clip of this, this colonial creature.