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Volvox (type of green algae) with daughter colonies

The human egg. Microscopic

Volvox, a type of green algae. I love to see a video clip of this, this colonial creature.

Tumblrでタグづけされた foraminiferaの投稿を検索してフォロー

These beautiful things are Volvox, a genus of chlorophytes, a type of green algae. They form spherical colonies of up to 50,000 cells, and live in a variety of freshwater habitats.

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Volvox:a single cell organism that grows in a colony. It is an amazing species. America reminds me of Volvox. We come together and grow as a nation...but when resources run out, when there are more individuals than air, food, water, and space, the colony dies. Unlike Volvox, we can't plop out daughter colonies to carry on. America is a beautiful nation, but we have limits, folks. Time to wake up and realize what those limits are.

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