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ssuge: Artists unite for Japan Flags | Webdesigner Depot フレーム問題 もっと見る

スタイリッシュで洗練されたスイススタイルのカラー・配色を利用できる「Swiss Style Color Picker」

Week 14, Pin 1, This is a fantastic design. There is so much that is done with this design. There is so much detail and color that goes into this design the colors in this use a wide range of shades pf pink and blue. The top draws the eye in with a huge fluffy cloud that has coloring from white to pink to black. As you follow the design down there are four parts of the picture taken and flipped and pasted on the opposite side. It ads so much graphic detail and dimension to this ad. It…

Cleverly Designed Packaging Makes Pasta Look Like Gorgeous Hair

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair.

Work for the annual promotional calendar of the Australian paper supplier CPI. Theme: the 4-color printing process, CMYK. This illustration was developed while working for Brisbane-based design studio Creative Plantation.

2立體實物 (紙做拼貼)

Anshuman Ghosh's Playful Illusions Created with an iPhone

2立體實物 (紙做拼貼)


『宇宙の森フェス』 - 音楽イベントを探す?

『宇宙の森フェス』 - 音楽イベントを探す? もっと見る

Collage it

Collage and mix of different textures- trendy technique of graphic design, it will add zest to your works.