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Get Out! Use a tissue dispenser for fabric softener sheets in the laundry room! This is too cool for words.

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Healthy Shelf® Single Sheet, Wall Mount Multi-fold Paper Towel Dispenser, Traditional Style:Amazon:Health & Personal Care


Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Are you longing for a spa day? Give yourself a taste of the spa every day with a relaxing bath, complete with your own homemade bath bomb. What is a bath bomb? It is an explosion of aromatic, bubbly goodness, a ball that dissolves in water and creates a pleasant fizz. The best part is that you already have most of the ingredients in your cupboards at home. Get the eBay recipe, and start making these inexpensive homemade bath bombs today!

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Healthy Shelf Multifold (M-fold) Paper Towel Dispenser, Black Contemporary: Home & Kitchen

shelf paper towel dispenser. Very smart!!!

どんなに注意して使っているつもりでも、バッグや帽子の隙間には気付かないうちに埃などが入り込みます。こうした日常の汚れを放っておくと、カビやシミの原因になることも。 「夏が終わる頃にまとめて綺麗にすればいいや」なんて思わずに、使ったらこまめにお手入れをしてあげると、お気に入りのバッグや帽子をより長く楽しむことができます。素材を傷めず綺麗にするケアの方法を、いくつか見ていきましょう。