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IGBO GOURD , Nigeria These containers are made from gourds, with a woven surface interlaced with thin metal wire. The white piece protruding from the cap is plastic.

日本の手仕事 17 竹細工Bamboo basket

*Decorative African gourds, carved and stained.

warang wayan ami ami lama (B) バンブーバスケット(中) - web shop | フリポン・フリポンヌ

Africa | Granery storage basket from Madagascar | 20th century | Vegetable fiber

Bamboo art by Kazuaki Honma, Japan

Japanese bamboo whisk for tea ceremony

Africa | A decorated gourd for carrying the milk from the Arsi people of Ethiopia | ca. 1980 | Leather handle, weaved fibers, threads of steel, glass beads and buttons