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1910's. "What a wonderful and relaxed scene. Three women and two small kids, all wearing traditional clothing, having a welcome tea break at the engawa of a thatched house. The women’s clothing does not seem to be the working wear for these farm women. Perhaps this was a small social gathering of neighbourhood women for tea rather than a break during a day of hard work. Nonetheless, the pile of fire wood seems to imply that these moments of rest were rare."

A lantern maker and his family, ca. 1890s

New Year Celebrations

Man and woman wearing geta on their feet or Family osanpo, 1918 by James Maxwell Pringle

1890's. Women practicing Ikebana. Two women in kimono are practicing Ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement). The woman on the left is making an arrangement in a square vase, while the other woman is using a round one. Flowers yet to be arranged are kept on a tray, while a pot with water is kept near the knees of the woman on the right.

Keikan (policeman) - Meiji - Taishou Jidai - 19th Century -

Japanese Flower Peddler

TAKING A STROLL DOWN KIMONO LANE -- An Open Air Clothing Market in Old Japan by Okinawa Soba, via Flickr. This nice, "candid" street scene is about 110 years old.

Japanese Bamboo Basket Factory

1910's. A young girl holding a paper parasol and a chochin (lantern) is carrying her baby sister on her back. In the back the thatched roof of a farm house can be seen, with a farmer sitting in front. As in other countries, rural Japanese children started helping with home and farm chores from a very young age.