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How to scramble an egg INSIDE THE EGG

Add 1/2 tsp baking soda to the water when hard boiling eggs and the shell will come right off when you peel.

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The perfect hard boiled egg, every time!



Cooking Hack Every Chef Should Know: A very fresh egg will sink to the bottom and lay on its side. A week old egg will be on the bottom with pointy end on top. Three week old eggs will be balanced with fat end sticking up. Bad eggs will be floating.

.Frog is eating all the fruit!

Community Post: 34 Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know

Scrambled eggs on the go.

Souffle Pancakes by Hoshino Coffee, Tokyo, Japan 星乃珈琲店 スフレパンケーキ. I want the recipe,please!

How to Peel an Egg With a Spoon

How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - Easier, faster, less mess. Best way to peel an egg, EVER.