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okinawa, japan

Time for a dip! - Iheya Island, Okinawa, Japan by Ippei & Janine Naoi, via Flickr

沖縄ケラマ・ドリフトダイビング Part 2 黒島北ツインロック (2014.9.3) Drift diving in Okinawa Kerama Islands - YouTube

Japanese Driftage Society (stuff that drifts around the oceans of the world)

日本でダイビングと言えば真っ先に浮かんでくるのが沖縄ではないでしょうか、そうです沖縄は日本の宝です! 日本は小さな国ですが、サンゴ礁の海から流氷の海まで潜れる世界で唯一の国です! だから日本はダイビングパラダイスなんですね!! When saying diving in Japan, isn't it Okinawa that I'm appearing first, that's right, Okinawa is Japanese treasure! It's a small country, but Japan is the only country in the world which can dive from a sea of a coral reef to the sea of a drift ice! So Japan is a diving Paradise, isn't it?

沖縄のバーでミュージシャンがセッションしていた様子はある絵のほんの一部。畔蒜克則 個展 夏たちを #日本画 #岩絵具 #絵画 #常夏 #沖縄 #BAR #昆虫 #個展 #japanese #paintings #summertimes #okinawa #musician #sessions #cafe #gallery #tachikawa #tokyo galleria_salone #haveaniceday

These kids seem orderly enough, and are keeping a respectable distance from the camera. On the other hand, if Enami had brought out a bag of candy, he and his camera would probably have been trampled to death by those little ones --- starting with the little boy front and center. The above is a half-stereoview, listed in Enami's 3-D Catalog as, S 765 A GROUP OF CHILDREN IN A TEMPLE YARD. A variant taken during the same country session as the above may be seen HERE as a nice old…

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