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The Attic Collection-Custom Chain Mail Jacket

This shirt is made of 12g 7/16 id etched aluminum. It only took two days to finish because of the size of the rings. The front looks fine, but the back looks a bit odd - Saxa

NYFW DIY #1: Vena Cava Safety Pin DIY | Dirty Hems Gorgeous safety pin "chain maille"top


scales metal sleeve

Dragon scales


Small Black Silver Chain mail Scalemail Mantle Dragon Scale Stainless Steel collar silver armor Cosplay LARP

Chainmaille夢,プロジェクト,鎧,玉,メークアップ,概念,アクセサリー,Chains Chainmaille,Chainmaille Armor

this technique could be incorporated into my chainmaille pretty easily. I wonder which weaves it would work well with...


Steampunk-decorated Phantom Mask

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