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game concept art by ~sabin-boykinov on deviantART structures within towns. some could be buildings or storage depending size and adding/subtracting features

Tim Hill Concept Art and Illustration Lego Indiana Jones

独自の荒廃した都市を描くイラストレーター東京幻想。 見慣れた街の風景がまるで核戦争でもあったかのように廃墟化した様は、なぜか幻想的で郷愁さえおぼえる不思議な作風です。...

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That window is awesome. Why do they not create buildings like that anymore?

concept art by ~sabin-boykinov on deviantART

Disney Concept Art: Tangled

ネコになって九龍城っぽい巨大な廃墟の中をウロウロできるゲーム「HK project」が開発中 - DNA

Swamp Shack Concept by *JoshEiten on deviantART