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Gauntlet for the right hand, belonging to the armor of the Count of Niebla

Bartolomeo Campi, Italian, died 1573, Roman-Style Armor Given to Philip II, Pesaro, 1546, embossed and gold- and silver-damascened steel; brass and fabric, Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid,

Armor for elephants used by 17 century India

A complete Khevsur armor including a handwoven gambeson, a riveted mail misiurka-type helmet, a butted mail shirt, a pair of hand forged steel arm guards. A fine cross-belt mounted with hammered silver plaques, a large kindjal dagger, a distinctive khmali sword, a miquelet pistol, a leather bandoleer with powder tubes with a horn priming flask, a nagaika crop, a typical Khevsur shield, a pair of original rawhide shoes. late 17th-late 19th century.


Possibly the last royal armor made in Europe, this is believed to have been…

Ancient helmet of armor

【超技巧】16世紀の「天才甲冑師 フィリッポ・ネグローリ」欧州国王たちから絶賛された史上最高の作品たち

Shoulder Guard

Horse Armor