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オシリスとかセクメトとか神様色々 intaier: Pictures © Dionys Ray. Free for non-commercial use.PtahSekhmet, NefertumPtah-Tatenen, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris


Derr Temple, Egypt. This temple was built on behalf of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC). It was dedicated to the cult of Ramesses II, Re-Harakhty, Amun Ra and Ptah, and was cut out of the natural rock. The Fitzwilliam Museum : Nubia and Sudan

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New Kingdom of Egypt

The New Kingdom (c. 1570- c.1069 BCE is the era in Egyptian history following the disunity of the Second Intermediate Period (c. 1782-1570 BCE) and preceding the dissolution of the central government at the start of the Third Intermediate Period (c. 1069-c. 525 BCE). This is the time of Imperial Egypt when it extended its reach beyond the former borders to create an empire. It is the most popular era in Egyptian history in the present day with the best known pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty.

A fragment of a funerary papyrus of Kahapa with text from the Book of the Dead…

Wood and painted gesso funerary stele of Padikhonsu. Late Period. 25th dynasty. 760–660 B.C. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

relief carving in the tomb of Seti I, KV17 in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes, Luxor Egypt.

Faience cosmetic spoon. Late Period. 712-332 B.C. | Los Angeles County Museum of Arts Collections