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Are Easter Lilies Outdoor Plants – Learn About The Care Of Outdoor Easter Lilies

Can Easter Lilies Be Planted Outside: Tips On Growing Easter Lilies In The Garden - Easter lilies can’t overwinter in cold climates but in warm to temperate regions they will thrive and come. So if you have one of these plants and want to move it outdoors, click on this article for more information.

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You don't need a pond to grow water lilies, you can simply grow it in your home…

Stevia Winter Plant Care – Tips On Overwintering Stevia Plants

Growing Stevia Plants In Winter: Can Stevia Be Grown Over Winter - Growing stevia isn’t difficult, but overwintering stevia plants can present challenges, especially in northern climates. For more information on how to overwinter stevia, click on the following article.

Beaufortia Plant Info – Where Does Beaufortia Grow And Types Of Beautortia For Gardens

Beaufortia Care: Learn About Beaufortia Growing Conditions - Gardeners in warm season climates may see Beaufortia growing in containers, borders, perennial gardens or as stand-alone sentinel species. Click here for more Beaufortia plant info so you can decide if this plant is right for your landscape.

Silver Saw Palmetto Palms – Learn About Silver Saw Palmetto Tree Facts

Saw Palmetto Plant Care: How To Grow Silver Saw Palmetto Plants - Silver saw palmetto palms are native to Florida and southeastern U.S. These palms are unusually cold hardy and can be grown is USDA regions 7-11. Find information on growing these plants in the following article.

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Climbing Lily Care – How To Grow Gloriosa Lilies

Gloriosa Lily Planting: Tips For Growing A Climbing Lily Plant

The French tradition of giving lily-of-the-valley flowers (Muguet-du-Bois) on May Day is believed to have begun on May 1st, 1561, when King Charles IX of France was presented with a bunch of lily-of-the-valley flowers as a token of luck and prosperity for the coming year.