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To See Death as an Art: The Spanish Bullfight

The Spanish bullfight is a heated topic, and to understand it we must understand…

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To See Death as an Art: the Spanish Bullfight Part 2

Is the Spanish bullfight right or wrong? Art or abuse? Are opinions on the Spanish bullfight a cultural difference or black and white? via @crashedculture

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How to Dress and Act like a Spaniard

Don't want to look like a tourist when you go to Spain? Here are a few ways for you to fit in with the Spanish culture. via @crashedculture

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Spanish History: the Life and Death of Kingdoms

Read about the Moors, Catholics, Visigoths, Romans, and all the drama throughout Spanish history. See how they effect Spain's culture to this day. via @crashedculture

Temple of Aphaea, first built 500 B.C. and then again 570 B.C. dedicated exclusively to the goddess Aphaia, located on the Greek island Aegina.

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Why You Need to Experience Spanish Fast Food

If fast food is your comfort food, you should know a thing or two about Spanish…

Menorca Island, Spain #spain #travel

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5 More Things I Hate About Spanish Culture

There are just some things that make me hate Spanish culture. I love Spain, I…